The return of the World Cup’s political punks: ‘It’s a demonstration against the government of Putin’

The situation in the country is in a mess, and it’s not just the result of the confrontation with the United States. The situation in Russia is so bad that even the most cynical observers are forced to admit that the country’ s leaders are not capable of solving the problem.
The latest development is the appointment of a new Prime Minister. The appointment of Dmitry Kozak, who was the head of the State Duma, is a clear sign that the Kremlin is trying to get out of the crisis.
However, the appointment also demonstrates that the situation in Moscow is not as bad as it seems. The main problem is the lack of trust in the leadership. The officials have not been able to demonstrate their full power, and the situation is becoming more and more tense.

The main task of the new government is to resolve the crisis in the Kremlin. The new Prime Minster is a specialist in the field of energy, and he knows how to solve the problem of the price of oil. He has already managed to reduce the price by a third.
It is now much easier to buy oil, and this is a good sign that there is a chance that the crisis will be resolved. The crisis is not only about the United states. The current crisis is a demonstration of the failure of the leaders of the country to solve their problems.
Russia’ situation is not good, but it is not the end of the world. The country is developing very well, and its leaders are trying to solve problems that are not their own.
What is the future of the team of the current World Cup?
The current World Championship has already shown that the football players of the Russian national team are not the best. The team is not in the best shape, and many of them are not in their best shape.
One of the main problems of the national team is the fact that it is too weak to compete for gold medals. The problem is that the team has not been in the top form for a long time, and now it is simply too weak.
This is why the current situation in football is not so bad, but the team needs to improve its level of play. The players have a long tournament distance ahead of them, and they need to show their maximum.
In the current season, the national football team has a good chance of winning the World Championship. The following factors are responsible for the team’ position in the standings:
1. The selection of the best players. The best players of this team are:
* Alexei Arshavin;
* Alexander Kerzhakov;
2. The experience of the players. They have already played in the World Championships, and their experience is a big plus.
3. The teamwork. The leaders have a good understanding with each other, which allows them to work together and achieve the maximum. This is the key to victory in the long tournament distances.
At the moment, the team is in the middle of the standings, but this is not a guarantee that it will be able to win gold medals, because the team still needs to show its maximum. However, it is already clear that the current team is a real contender for victory in this tournament.
Who will be the main favorites of the tournament?
This year, the tournament will be held in the United Arab Emirates, and there are several strong favorites. The most obvious candidates for victory are:1. Brazil;2. Germany;3. Italy;4. Netherlands.
Brazil is the main favorite of the European Championships, because it is a team that has already won gold medals at the World Cups. The Brazilian players are confident, and for this reason they have already won the World Champion title.
Germany is also a team with a good record of winning gold medals in the international arena. The German team is very strong, and in the current tournament it will have to show the maximum to win the gold medals and get into the semifinals of the Champions League.
Italy is also considered a favorite of this tournament, because its players have already shown great results in the European Championship.
Despite the fact, that the national soccer team has been in a bad shape for a few years, it still has a chance of getting into the Champions’ League zone. The national team has the following advantages:
· High level of football;
· Good selection of players;
· Long tournament distance.
All this together with the fact of the high level of the competition and the fact the team will have a chance to win.
Will the current leaders of Russia be able not to win a place in the Champions’ League zone?
In recent years, the situation with the national teams of Russia has worsened. The teams of the federation have been losing points, and even the leaders have been unable to demonstrate the maximum for a very long time.
Now, the leaders are in a worse situation than before, and if they don’t improve their level of performance soon, then they will not be able win gold in the future.
There are several reasons for this:
● Lack of motivation. The level of competition has increased, and some of the teams are not able to show maximum. It is obvious that the leaders will not win gold, but they will be in the semifinals.

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