Germany 1-0 Mexico: Hirving Lozano’s goal against holders was seen by 8 million people – but Germans are suspicious about it.

The match was held on the last day of the tournament, so the fans had the opportunity to watch the game with their eyes. The first half of the match was very interesting, but the second half was not so successful.
It is worth noting that the game was held in the context of the Copa America, so there were no chances for the Mexican team to win.
The main goal of the Mexican players was to get into the top 4 of the standings, which was the main goal for the team in the previous season. However, the team failed to achieve this, as they lost to the team from Uruguay.
In the second round, the Mexican squad was strengthened by the following players:
* Juan Carlos;
* * Diego Reyes;
* Juan Román Riquelme.
However, the main problem of the team was the fact that the Mexican fans were not very interested in the game, which resulted in the defeat of the Mexicans.
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Teams’ Prospects in Second Round
In round 2, the teams played against each other, and the main goals of the teams were to get to the top four. However the Mexican football fans did not expect such a result, as it was the first time that the team lost to Uruguay. The fans of Mexico are not very happy with the fact, because the team will have to play against the team of Uruguay in the next round.
At the moment, the chances of the German team are not so good, as their main goal is to get in the top-4. However it is worth highlighting that the German players are very motivated, and they are ready to do their best for the victory.
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Main Intrigues of Second Round Match
The second round of the European Championship was very successful for the teams. The main goal was to reach the top4, and this was achieved. However there were a lot of other interesting matches, which will be remembered by the fans for a long time.
Among the main intrigues of the game were:
1. The participation of the Spanish team in this tournament. This is a very important fact, as Spain is considered one of the main contenders for the title of the strongest national team in Europe.
2. The fact that in the second game of the round, a Spanish player scored the first goal of Mexico. This was Diego Reyes, who was playing for the Spanish national team.
3. Another interesting fact was the participation of a German player in the match. This player was Juan Romário, who is a midfielder.
4. A goalkeeper was injured, so it was necessary to replace him. This happened to the goalkeeper of the Italian team, Gianluigi Buffon.
5. In the second match, the Spanish player, Sergio Ramos, scored a goal. This goal was the second for the Spaniard, who had already scored the goal in the first round. The goal was scored by Ramos in the 63rd minute of the second stage.
6. There was a goal scored by the Mexican player, HirvingLozano, in the 76th minute of match.
7. At the end of the first half, the German player, Julian Draxler, scored the second goal of his team, which is a good result for the German football team. The score was 2:0 for the Germans.
8. One of the interesting facts of the day was the goal scored in the 75th minute by the Spanish goalkeeper, Sergio Casas.
9. It was the third time in a row that the Spanish football team won the match, and it is also the third victory for Sergio Ramos.
10. The Spanish team has a good chance of winning the match against the German, as there are only a few rounds left.
11. The German football players are confident, as in the last match, they managed to win 2:1.
12. The participation in the Champions League by the German club, Bayern.
13. The match ended with a score of 2:2, which means that the Germans won.
14. The second match was a draw, so in the end, the Germans lost.
15. In the final round, there was a lot more interesting matches. The Germans were defeated by the Dutch team, and there was an interesting match between the Spanish and Italian teams.
16. The final match was won by the Italian club, Juventus.
17. The English football team, Chelsea, won the first match, but in the final match, it lost to Liverpool.
18. The French team, PSG, won in the third match, which pleased the fans.

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